A New Cross For Vos Chapel’s Steeple

2013 03 14 Chapel Cross February 27 marked a significant time in the history of Kuyper College: the installation of a new cross on the Vos Chapel steeple. 
The importance of this moment is linked to the original building of the chapel 22 years ago, a gift to the College by the Dan Vos Construction Company. The gift celebrated the 100th church built by the West Michigan based company. Today, the Vos Chapel stands as the focal point of the Kuyper Campus.

The new gold-clad cross, also presented as a gift to the College, fulfills two purposes—first to honor the memory of Dan Vos, who passed away in 2012, and second, to celebrate Kuyper’s upcoming 75th Anniversary—1939-2014.

When the chapel was originally built, it was the intention of Dan Vos that the cross would be the highest point on the Kuyper campus. It still is, serving as a daily reminder of the centrality of God and the Kuyper family’s dedication to Him through obedience and service.

A simple, but meaningful dedication service, attended by students, faculty, staff, board members, and representatives from the Dan Vos Construction Company, preceded the installation. After an introduction from Kuyper College President, Nick Kroeze, and words of commemoration by Gary Vos, CEO of Dan Vos Construction Company, and son of Dan Vos, all were invited to gather around the cross during a prayer led by Reverend Henry Admiraal, chair of the Kuyper Board of Trustees. The ceremony came to a close after a dedication liturgy led by Alexa Turner, President of Kuyper College Student Government.

Even though a cloudy, gray sky and snow flurries served as a backdrop to the dedication, the golden cross gleamed. A new reminder of an eternal and never ending gift—the saving work of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

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