Competition and Unity at Fun Fest!

09 20 2013 Fun FestFostering the spirit of competition and unity, Fun Fest kicks off the year with the first of many student planned events. SAC (Student Activity Club) and the Student Life Office organize different events throughout the year which provide a much needed break from the demands of work and study schedules. Fun Fest starts up the year, traditionally consisting of three teams: Timmer Hall vs. Schaal Hall vs. The Holt Apartments and Off Campus students.

This year however, in honor of Kuyper’s 75th Anniversary, an Alumni/Faculty/Staff team also joined the fun! This added a whole new element of community to Fun Fest which SAC hopes to continue in the coming years. Nothing displays the tight-knit Kuyper family more than the staff, teachers, past and current students, and even the school’s president competing alongside of each other. Dorm spirit and team loyalty are also at an all time high as competitors work together to rout the other teams. Holt/OC dominated the classic tug of war this year, demonstrating the pure strength and dash of strategy needed to win. Timmer displayed both tact and wit with the fastest time untangling the human knot. Schaal showed accuracy and agility emerging victorious in the toilet paper throw down.

Not only did they claim first at the balloon pass, but Alumni/Faculty/Staff did extremely well for their first year, coming in second more than any other team (and therefore being consistently good at everything). “The Sombrero of Doom” added an insane element to the points system, and due to some crazy scoring Timmer Hall won this year’s Fun Fest. Some people may be disappointed about that, but they’ll have the chance to challenge everyone again next year!

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