Faculty Scholar Day 2013

Faculty Scholar Day — an annual program that provides faculty members the opportunity to make presentations on a variety of topics and fields of study was recently held across the entire Kuyper campus. According to presenters and their audiences “it went wonderfully well, with enriching experiences for all who attended.”

Sixteen faculty members made presentations on topics ranging from Christian citizenship to online learning. Professor Andrew Zwart made an absorbing presentation on the type of language used in academic discourse. Professor Carol Hochhalter presented on the responsibility of worship punctuating a point by engaging participation from those who attended in the singing of “In Christ Alone”.
The overall atmosphere of the day was one of excitement and discovery as students and faculty mingled between sessions discussing the presentation topics and of new things learned.

Beyond the presentations, community spirit was evident as the Kuyper family met together to share academic knowledge and encourage each other in expanding their understanding of the world.

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