Generosity within Community

The Annual Scholarship Dinner allows generous donors the opportunity to meet the students that their gifts bless, while allowing the students the opportunity to tell their stories and express their thankfulness. This year’s banquet was no different. During dinner, donors could be seen engaged in lively conversation with the students that they so greatly help through the scholarships they provide. Students were eager to get to know their donors and convey their gratitude for the assistance they receive. At various times during the night, different students made a presentations, and Ken Capisciolto, the Vice President for College Advancement gave a Scholarship Update. Student musicians and the Kuyper College Ensemble provided lovely accompaniment to the activities enriching the evening’s mood with special music including My Jesus, I love Thee and Set Down Servant. Apropos to the evening’s focus of putting God at the beginning and end of everything, the formal portion of the night closed with prayer. Afterwards, donors and students had the opportunity to spend more social time together cementing relationships and giving evidence to the strong bonds that knits the Kuyper community.  

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