HANDS Features Well Known Speaker

The HANDS (Helping and Nurturing During Service) committee welcomed well known author and speaker Jolene DeHeer to Kuyper College.

DeHeer has been a speaker at the Annual Christian Reformed World Missionaries in Africa, Kid’s Hope, and Christian Schools International. Her newest book, Be Mine: Your Invitation to God’s Lavish Love is described as a “wacky, inspiring ride through this wonderful thing called “life.” The book in many ways is typical of DeHeer’s witty use of humor in dealing with life’s real issues and how God is in the midst of it all.

According to Krista Vermeer, a HANDS member, the event’s theme, body image, was chosen because all too often people have an unhealthy view of their bodies. “Men and women of God are receiving mixed messages—how the culture says we should look physically and how God says we should look spiritually,” said Vermeer.

During her talk, DeHeer, emphasized the delight found in recognizing that our bodies are God’s masterpieces. “In order to live spiritual lives as God desires we need to move away from the skewed standards of society and find joy in the way God created us—as masterpieces, and temples of the living God,” she said.

As a group, the HANDS committee believes the Kuyper community was well served by having the opportunity to learn the importance of seeing body image through God’s eyes.

HANDS’s next event, a 30 hour fast to raise awareness of issues of poverty and hunger, will be in March.

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