If you had the chance to save a life, would you?

If you had the chance to save a life, would you?

Not a close family member or dear friend, just some random person you’d never met who needed your help. You wouldn’t have to endanger your own life, or go through much pain. The worst thing you’d have to do is take a little time out of your day. Just once. Just do one little thing once, never worry about it again, to help save a life.

I hope that as you are reading this you are thinking “Of course I would!” As Christians we ought to be demonstrating God’s love to our neighbors.

So here is your chance! Your blood can help save a life.
Michigan Blood will be hosting a blood drive right here at Kuyper welcoming those who can assist them in the fulfillment of their mission: “Helping people make a lifesaving difference through blood products and service excellence.” You may not like needles—but think about the greater good such a comparatively small act can do. And, if that’s not enough motivation—you’ll receive a coupon for a free pizza from Papa John’s just for trying.

A stranger’s life is in your hands, what will you do with it?

Join us Wednesday, September 25th from 11:00am - 3:00pm at the Kuyper College Boonstra Fitness Center to take part in this life changing event!

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