Kuyper's year begins with an all campus celebration!

Uniting students, faculty, and staff in the spirit of fun and fellowship, Kuyper’s All Campus Party sets the tone for the coming year. The Monday before the start of classes , Kuyper traditionally holds an outdoor grill-out on campus. This gives the entire Kuyper community a chance to get together over food and fellowship. It is a great way to transition from summer to school. Returning students use the time to reconnect with those they missed over the break, while beginning to form new friendships with incoming students. Transfers and freshmen alike experience the Kuyper spirit of community as they are invited to participate in anything from a carefree game of kickball to a deep theological discussion over Jesus’ sovereignty. Professors and their families mix throughout, greeting former students and linking new faces to names to majors. This year, God provided the perfect weather as a soft autumn breeze blew over the Kuyper family as they engaged in different sports and conversations. As no structured schedule guides this party, the relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect basis for forming relationships that will last the following semesters at Kuyper and for years to come.

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