New Year, New Face, Same Kuyper Spirit

Celebrating a new academic year, Academic Convocation sets the focus on the upcoming semesters and helps students frame Kuyper’s purpose as an institution. This year Academic Convocation started off with a call to worship from II Corinthians 2-4 and prayer by President Kroeze. Students, faculty and staff joined together to worship and sing songs including “Our God Saves”, which reminded everyone of the faith that binds Kuyper together as an institution and family. Prayer throughout the ceremonies and a Confession of Faith solidified the focus of Academic Convocation, putting God first at the start of the Academic Year. Kuyper’s purpose statement, Bringing God’s Grace into Today’s culture, was evident through the focus on scripture and Kuyper community throughout the proceedings. New students and staff were welcomed, with the special introduction and inauguration of Kuyper’s new Provost Dr. Patricia R. Harris. Dr. Claudia Beversluis, of Calvin College’s Provost, brought the keynote address. Dr. Douglas Felch, professor of theological studies closed the ceremonies with the Benediction, and the Kuyper College Worship Band played the postlude. All who attended left reminded of Kuyper’s unique educational and worldview purpose, ready to face the year.

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