President Kroeze to present Faith and Science Workshop at Woodlawn CRC

This spring, Dr. Nick Kroeze will be presenting a four week series on faith and science at Woodlawn CRC in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This series of four presentations, scheduled for March 24, April 14, 21, and 28, is designed to engage the Christian community in thinking through the implications that modern scientific theory and discoveries have on our understanding, affirming and expressing a Christian worldview. Advances in science are at the same time intriguing, frightening, encouraging, challenging, hope-filled and dismaying. As Christians, we can take a stand on how we view science or we can seek to understand how science can inform – and excite! – our faith. Examples of recent discoveries in the fields of cosmology, quantum mechanics and biology will be presented as we come to see how the glory of God is exulted through scientific discovery. And, don’t worry. . . no academic prerequisite is required – just a curiosity and openness to be intrigued by how creation reveals our Creator.

Each presentation has its own theme and a focus:

Week 1: How Big Is Your God?
Focus: The Magnitude God Manifests

Week 2: Where Did the Universe Come From & Where Is It Going?
Focus: The Order God Establishes

Week 3: God in the Details: How Small Is Small?
Focus: The Detail God Orchestrates

Week 4: How Unique Is Humankind?
Focus: The Image God Shares

The presentation will last about 45 minutes each week.

For more information, email Dawn Lynema.  

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