RA Introduction: Meet Kalee DeVries

Kalee DeVriesFor students living on campus, there are certain individuals who have a continual influence upon life in the dorms. These people are the Resident Assistants. From helping build community to planning fun floor events, an RA is always around to help dorm life go smoothly. This year’s RA’s are doing a great job, and here’s the next best thing to getting to meet them.

The RA for First Timmer this year is Kalee DeVries. Kalee is from South Holland, IL. A minute drive from the heart of the city Kalee is proud of where she comes from—Chicago. Her love of home is made evident by the beautiful picture of the Chicago skyline hanging in her room.

After starting out as an Education Major (even though she hated school) Kalee realized she would never be able to instill the love of school in children if she didn’t posses that love herself, and decided on the perfect major for her: Youth Ministry. Now she’s excited to be able to work with kids and sometimes, even act like one!

Kalee’s theme for First Timmer this year, “Adventure is Out There!” comes from a dearly loved movie: Up. More so, however, it comes from her personality and own love of adventure. Kalee and her theme remind us that when you go out on an adventure, you don’t have to have everything planned, and will usually learn a lot. Adventures help you realize you don’t always have to have everything figured out, and can put your trust in God.

The first floor event of the year (Craft Night!) went great, with good attendance and fun activities. They met in Schaal lounge and laughed over creating key-bowls from glue and string and decorating mugs with sharpies. It allowed the girls on the floor a time to hang out, get to know each other, and develop friendships—just what Kalee planned. All who attended had a blast, and there are new events in planning!

Kalee hopes to influence her floor this year by being someone the girls can trust so that they can have someone in their lives they can come to when they need to “talk.” She says if she can be that, “I’ll be the happiest person in the world!”

It’s always interesting to know what’s going on in the dorms, and “getting to know” the RA’s for the year paints a picture of life on campus.

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