Student Scholar Day

Each spring, at the end of the year, one special day is dedicated entirely to student scholarship. Each Student Scholar Day, opens with Honors Convocation, the event in which recognizes graduating seniors for academic achievement. Following convocation, students, family, friends, faculty, staff, and friends of Kuyper College gathered in various classrooms to enjoy a wide range of academic presentations.

Prior to developing their presentations, students submit subject abstracts or artist’s to a panel of professors. Students whose abstracts or statements are selected work closely with a faculty advisor during the development of their presentation.

From white papers to posters and discussion panels to live performance, this year’s Student Scholar Day presentations reflected a number of different academic passions. “Facebook vs. Augustine: A True Understanding of Friendship” by Lauren Schoenborn; “From Ancient Liturgies to Nightclub: Reclaiming Corporate Worship in a Postmodern World” by Andrew Smith; “The Great and Terrible Oz: NCAA Corruption and the Illusion of the ‘Student Athlete’” by Celia Larson, and “Where Walt Disney Got it Wrong: Fairy Tales Do Not Always Lead to Dream Come True in ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘So Long a Letter’” by Sara Hoogeboom are only a few examples of the many intriguing topics featured at Student Scholar Day. In fact, over the course of the day, over 50 presentations were made.

The spring choir concert (John) brought a fitting finale to the day; with each number either written by composer named John or reflecting elements from the gospel of John. 

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