Taste of Grand Rapids

TOGR 2013Let’s face it. If you aren’t from your school’s town, you probably only have a vague idea of what’s outside of campus. Even if you’ve lived in the area your whole life, you still may not know what resources are right around the corner. Luckily, Kuyper’s Student Life Office is aware that many students face this problem, and presents a solution: Taste of Grand Rapids.

Every year, businesses, churches, ministries and organizations from all over Grand Rapids meet on Kuyper’s Campus to give students a taste of exactly what is around their new home town. Kuyper’s student government and different clubs also attend, presenting opportunities available right on campus. This gives students the opportunity to join a club, visit a new church, volunteer or get involved in ministry, or simply learn about a great restaurant to try with friends. This event takes place a few weeks into the school year so that students can get accustomed to school schedules before being bombarded with more information.

This year a wide variety of vendors attended. The Salvation Army, Roosevelt Park Ministries, WAR International, Calvin Theological Seminary, and the Girl Scouts were just a few of the many that were present. The students not only learned interesting new information, but were also treated to cookies, food samples from local restaurants, free pens, and fascinating flyers. The vendors were able reach a new client/volunteer base of enthusiastic college students. Benefiting all who attended, Taste of Grand Rapids, again served its purpose for another school year.


(Photo: Military Chaplains set up a booth to answer questions about potential careers after graduation.) 

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