The O-Show

Eleanor Jefferson School traditions, inside jokes, and yearly events are always fun, but it can be pretty confusing trying to learn everything hearsay. The Loop? Yoder? We have a Swedish Chef? Most new students won’t have picked up on every single nuance Kuyper has to offer, so Kuyper offers them a little introduction: The O Show.

The O Show is a lighthearted event put on by the different student groups a few weeks into the school year. It serves to introduce new students to the traditions and happenings of Kuyper College. This year Kyle Ward kept us all entertained as a wonderful MC who sang along with Michael Bublé to “I've got the World on a String” to start and finish off the evening. To mark just a few of the acts, the RAs and put on a clever skit teaching the Do’s and Don’ts of open hours. Different upperclassmen prepared the freshmen and transfers for their first Bible classes by mimicking the mannerisms of both professors Parler and Kroeze, with Andrew Johnson pulling off the best Kroeze imitation many of us had ever seen. Finally, Mazi finished off the night with a skit entitled #KuyperProblems, where they “tweeted” many of the “problems” we commonly deal with on campus. Thoroughly capturing the Kuyper spirit, the O Show explained inside jokes and traditions while entertaining the Kuyper student body.


(Photo: RA Eleanor Jefferson in the skit "The 7 Dwarfs") 

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