Kuyper College Food Service Wins Award

Kuyper College’s kitchen and dining hall not only meet health standards, but exceeds them. According to the Kent County Health Department out of the thousands of facilities in the County, Kuyper is one of only 471 to receive the County’s 2014 Food Safety Award!

The purpose of the award is “to recognize food service establishments that have exhibited a high degree of safe food handling practices and sanitation.”

According to Kuyper student and kitchen worker Ben Hoekman, the Kuyper kitchen staff works very hard to meet the standards set by both the County and Creative Dining Services, a Michigan company that runs Kuyper's food service operation. “To meet these rigorous standards, the Kuyper kitchen staff works very long hours,” said Hoekman. “While preparing each meal, the staff must avoid cross-contamination and keep foods at their proper temperatures. And after every meal, the staff repackages the food according to health code standards.” Once the food is repackaged, the kitchen staff cleans all serving areas, wipes down all surfaces and mops the kitchen floors. Two nights a week, the staff cleans all appliances, food-serving machines, and food storage areas. Finally, in true Kuyperian fashion, every square inch of the entire Kitchen is claimed and deep- cleaned during extended breaks, such as Christmas and Spring Breaks.

Our wonderful kitchen staff, composed mostly of Kuyper students, deserves praise for consistently ensuring that all meals are prepared and served in a safe and clean environment. “Receiving this award is a testament to the careful and diligent work of our student food service staff who tirelessly work to keep the kitchen and dining hall clean and violation-free,” said Hoekman.

To the kitchen staff, the rest of the Kuyper Community offers their thanks and congratulations. See you at dinner!

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