Welcoming New Faces

When visiting a new college, there are countless things that students must take into consideration to help them know if a school would be a good fit. Kuyper’s Admissions department makes every effort to give prospective students who visit our campus a real taste of what Kuyper is like through a variety of venues and events. Their recent Pizza and Bowling event is just one example. It gave prospective students a great opportunity to connect with Kuyper’s community. In addition to the Admissions staff, several current Kuyper students spent the entire evening with the group of visitors, some of whom have already chosen to come to Kuyper. During the visit they participated in a fun event where four teams used supplied materials to create a new Olympic sport. Take a look here. 

After enjoying their fill of pizza the group headed to a night of bowling. Everyone had a really good time, including the several students who spent the night on campus and attended the visit day on Friday as well.

For information on upcoming visit days, go to www.kuyper.edu/visit

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