• Pre-Seminary

     Pre-seminary studies is a rigorous Bachelor of Science program designed to equip you for graduate level studies as you seek a Masters in Divinity degree or another advanced level program of theological study. The program provides students with a solid foundation in Bible, Theology, Philosophy and New Testament Greek in preparation for gaining admission to the seminary of their choice.


    Pre-Seminary Studies at Kuyper

    Kuyper’s pre-seminary program (also known as the pre-sem major) will provide you with a strong foundation in biblical and theological studies which will pave the way for a variety of ministries and disciplines, including pastoral ministry. When you complete Kuyper’s pre-sem major, you will be able to articulate a Reformed biblical and theological perspective, use that perspective as a foundation for advanced theological study and ministry, and address theological issues in an effective way in global and diverse settings. Kuyper’s program underscores the interconnection of head, heart, and hands in serving Christ’s church and world—enabling you to develop a Christian worldview, cultivate the disciplines of the Christian life, and utilize that knowledge and skill for the sake of service.

    Who Should Consider a Pre-Seminary Major?

    You should consider the pre-seminary major if you plan to pursue a vocation in areas such as:

    • Church Pastor
    • Youth Pastor
    • Missions
    • Church Planting
    • Church Educational Ministries
    • Discipleship Ministries
    • Congregational Worship
    • College or Seminary Professor
    • Counseling
    • Bible Teacher

    Comprehensive Curriculum!

    Kuyper’s pre-seminary curriculum includes a broad variety of dynamic and challenging courses that will educate, equip and train you with real life experiences. Below is a sample of what some of these courses cover.

    • In Introduction to Biblical Interpretation you will explore the basic principles of biblical nterpretation
    and develop the necessary tools for reading, studying, and understanding the Bible and applying its teaching to ministry in today’s church and cultures.
    • In Christian Doctrine I and II you will explore Christian doctrine within the biblical and theological framework provided by covenant theology. Course content will concentrate on the nature and source of theology, the doctrines of God, humanity, Christ, salvation, the church, and of last things.
    • In Advanced Rhetoric you will expand your writing skills focusing on critical thinking, evaluation of sources, information literacy, and appropriate use of both primary and secondary research. Various social issues are explored through the writing of research-based academic papers.
    • In Methods of Public Speaking you will learn composition and presentation of a variety of types
    of speeches, helping you to build both argumentation and persuasion skills through performances in various formats. You will engage in criticism and discussion of selected speeches. 

    The Pre-Seminary Program is for men and women interested in in-depth biblical and theological studies to take a deeper and longer look at God's Word and world, whether for personal enrichment or preparation for seminary graduate studies. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

    • Articulate a Reformed biblical and theological perspective on Scripture and theology 
    • Articulate and apply a Reformed biblical and theological foundation for advanced theological study and ministry 
    • Address theological issues in an effective way in a global and diverse setting.

    Kuyper College has established a consortium agreement with Calvin Theological Seminary (CTS)and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary (GRTS) that will allow Kuyper College Pre-Seminary Studies students to complete a course of studies at both institutions in a reduced timeframe. Students will be able to achieve two degrees, a B.S. from Kuyper College and an M.Div. from CTS or GRTS. These degrees can be accomplished in six years by following the course plan detailed below, instead of seven years (if the two degrees were taken separately).
    Students from Kuyper College participating in the consortium program will normally transfer to seminary after three years of full-time study at Kuyper College. Students will normally complete their college studies after three years at Kuyper College and one year at seminary. Students will apply to seminary during their third year of study at Kuyper College. Students participating in the consortium agreement will pay current Kuyper College tuition rates during their first three years of full-time pre-seminary studies, and receive their financial aid from Kuyper College during the first three years.
    Students will transfer to seminary after three years of full-time study at Kuyper College, at which time students in this consortium agreement will get their financial aid from the seminary. Students participating in this program must meet the entrance requirements of both institutions. Students must also observe the standards found in the Kuyper College Student Handbook and in the seminary’s Student Handbook.

    Please refer to the College Catalog for an in-depth look at the layout of each program.

    Dr. Douglas Felch began teaching at Kuyper College as an adjunct faculty member in the fall of 1978. He was appointed to the faculty in the fall of 1999. For over 17 years, prior to his work at Kuyper, he served in two pastorates in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. From 1992-2005 he was engaged in graduate studies at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, completing two advanced degrees in philosophical and systematic theology. Professor Felch teaches Christian Doctrine I and II, History of Christianity, Principles and Practices of Reformed Worldview, Christian Ethics and History of Philosophy I and II, and Perspectives on Science and the Christian Faith. He is especially interested in issues related to theology and science. His doctoral dissertation engaged ideas of God’s relationship to time.

    Dr. Jeff Fisher joined the faculty of Kuyper College in 2013 to teach various courses in Bible and theology. He is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church, having previously served as a pastor in Minnesota for five years. He has also taught theology as a visiting professor at a seminary in Kathmandu, Nepal and as an adjunct professor at Trinity Christian College in Illinois. The focus of his dissertation and ongoing research is on the history of biblical interpretation with particular emphasis on the era of the Reformation.

    Professor Lisa Hoogeboom joined the faculty of Kuyper College in the fall of 2006 to teach introductory Greek as well as advanced Greek, which focuses on reading portions of the New Testament. Since then, Professor Hoogeboom has also taught various biblical studies classes. In 2010, she added the role of program director of the Intercultural Studies program to her role at Kuyper. With that change, she also began teaching classes in the area of intercultural studies. Previously, Professor Hoogeboom was a teaching assistant for the introductory Greek program at Calvin Theological Seminary. Lisa and her husband, Rev. Mike Hoogeboom, spent 6 years in the middle-east in cross-cultural missions to Muslims.

    Dr. Daniel Kroeze came to Kuyper College in 1999, teaching the freshman core courses in the Bible curriculum: Old Testament and New Testament Survey. He also teaches upper level electives in both Old Testament and New Testament, including Pentateuch (a study of the first five books of the Old Testament), Wisdom Literature (a study of Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon), and Major Prophets (a study of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Daniel). Some of the New Testament courses include The Gospel of John, Acts, and Pauline Epistles II (a study of Galatians and Romans). Dr. Kroeze has also led overseas trips to Russia and Israel during spring sessions. An ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America, Dr. Kroeze served as pastor of Decatur First Reformed Church in Decatur, Michigan, prior to coming to Kuyper College. He has been a speaker at many area churches, retreats, adult education classes, and the Grand Rapids extension of the nationally offered class, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

    Dr. Branson Parler began teaching adjunct at Kuyper College in the fall of 2007. He was appointed to the faculty for the fall of 2008 and has recently completed his Ph.D. His dissertation and focus of research is Mennonite theologian John Howard Yoder. Dr. Parler teaches a variety of Theology, Philosophy, and Bible courses, including Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, Introduction to Philosophy, the doctrine survey courses, and the capstone theological course, Principles and Practices of Reformed Worldview. He has also taught courses in Bible, Theology, and Christian Worldview at Calvin College and Cornerstone University.

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