• Real World Learning

    Students at Kuyper College not only gain knowledge, skills and understanding about the subjects they study, but they also get to apply these things through real world learning.

    Experiential learning starts in Merge, Kuyper’s first-year experience class, which forms a basis for real world learning. Students are asked to identify, research and present a proposal to address a social concern they would like to address. Once the proposal is accepted, students enact a project to become involved in seeking restoration. Students use their knowledge and skills in a hands-on project, while increasing their competency on educational outcomes, including: 

    • Identify self in God’s world and in relationship to the fallen nature of one aspect 
    • Identify needs of that aspect of the fallen world and what I can do to address them 
    • Employ critical thinking and information technology skills to gain responsible knowledge about the community I hope to serve 
    • Self-assess to understand what I’ve learned and how that can be applied throughout my lifetime 
    • Understand the many different skills it takes to be able to do my work in God’s world 
    • Begin to see how complex the world and its problems are 
    • Begin to understand how I can engage in restorative work 
    • Confront presuppositions through a thoughtful consideration of evidence and facts 


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