• Resources and Collection

    The Library’s collection of approximately 60,0000 volumes, over 150 print periodicals and other diverse resources meet the needs of students, faculty and staff, and the general public as they pursue academic and personal growth. Emphasis is placed on acquiring resources that thoroughly support the curriculum, a Reformed worldview, and the mission of Kuyper College. Library resources are available in a variety of formats.

    Students, faculty, staff and the general public have access to the Library catalog and may explore the collection and other Library resources including a large array of publications, scholarly journals and periodicals online. Access to research databases for students is permitted by password authentication.

    In addition, the Library gives students, faculty, and staff access to resources on a national scale through interlibrary loan programs with other institutions across the United States. The Zondervan Library is a member of the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services and the Association of Christian Librarians.

    The Zondervan Collection
    One of the special collections within the Zondervan Library is the Zondervan Collection.  The Library is privileged to be a repository for all books published by the Zondervan Publishing House. The fact that Zondervan chose Kuyper College to serve as one of its two repositories is a testament to the College’s reputation and a tribute to its mission.

    Curriculum Center
    Within the library, a special collection is housed in the Curriculum Center room. This collection includes biblical and topical studies for children, young adults, and adults. The collection also includes Sunday school materials, arts and crafts projects, games, ice-breakers for meetings, small-group activities, and drama resources. The Curriculum Center resources can provide ideas and lesson materials for anyone involved in church and para-church ministries.
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