• Service Learning

    Within Kuyper’s curriculum is a commitment to the phrase found on the college’s seal: “ora et labora” (pray and work). Every student at Kuyper College has a requirement to complete service-learning credits during their academic careers. Service learning embodies this ideal of learning more about the subjects studied in the classroom by serving and working. Credits can be earned in a variety of ways, including the following classes that contain 1-credit service-learning components:

    Youth Ministry in the Urban Setting
     Students in the Youth Ministry in the Urban Setting will serve as participant observers in an urban youth ministry organization, including a job shadow of a worker in the organization. Participation in the EDGE Urban Fellowship and Poverty Simulation are also required as students see and experience various approaches to urban youth ministry while being challenged to explore their own attitudes toward intercultural ministry, racism and poverty.
    Introduction to Social Work
     In this service learning experience, students participate in activities in the community which align with the classroom subject matter. For example, the study of homelessness is then followed by a county-wide Poverty Simulation put on by a local food kitchen. Service learning experiences in this class show the classroom material in action. Students are also required to volunteer, which will make the profession of social work more real and interactive. These experiences help students develop civic knowledge and skills, find meaning between the activities of social work and course content, and provide an opportunity for critical and personal reflection of social work in the broad arena.
    TESOL Certificate Program
     A required service learning credit in which each TESOL student tutors an ESL student to practice what is learned in the classes first-hand. Having the opportunity to meet, share and teach ESL gives insight on the relationship between practice and theory.
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