• FA Student Employment 1Student Employment Programs 

    There are job opportunities available on campus. Some jobs include working in maintenance, food service in the dining hall, the library, or paid community service work, along with many other positions. Campus jobs are available on a "first come, first served" basis. Additionally, there is a bulletin board with job listings located in the Student Center. Start your job search early to get hired for the school year! 

  • How to apply for student employment

    Step One
    Priority is given to U.S. students who file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is highly recommended you complete the FAFSA if you wish to apply for student employment. The FAFSA is not required for International or Canadian students.
    Step Two

    Contact a supervisor from the list below to inquire about available student employment positions. Departments will post job openings on the Kuyper College Portal. Departments often begin the hiring process in the summer prior to the fall term. Plan ahead by preparing a resume' before applying for the desired position.

    Academic Office, Donna VanderKodde, 616.988.3639, dvanderkodde@kuyper.edu
    Academic Support Office (tutoring, note taking, etc.), Andrew Zwart, 616.988.3688, azwart@kuyper.edu
    Admissions Office, Luke Morgan, 616.988.3645, lmorgan@kuyper.edu
    Advancement Office, Hannah Schierbeek, 616.988.3648, hschierbeek@kuyper.edu
    Business Office, Becki Doornbos, 616.988.3625, bdoornbos@kuyper.edu 
    Facilities and Grounds, Eric Roosma, 616.988.3670, eroosma@kuyper.edu
    Financial Aid Office, Agnes Russell 616.988.3656, arussell@kuyper.edu
    Food Service/Kitchen, Michelle Walsh, 616.988.3637, mwalsh@kuyper,edu
    Library, Dianne Zandbergen, 616.988.3635, dzandbergen@kuyper.edu
    Maintenance, Tim Chupp, 616.988.3658, tchupp@kuyper.edu 
    Receptionists, Dawn Lynema, 616.988.3624, dlynema@kuyper.edu
    Teaching Assistants, Mary VanderMeer, 616.988.3678, mvandermeer@kupyer.edu 

    Step Three

    If the department you are interested in is hiring:

    • Fill out theStudent Employment Application
    • Submit the application to the specific supervisor that you want to work for
    • Call to follow up on your application and ask for an interview 

    Step Four

     If you are hired as a Kuyper College Student Employee:

    • If you have applied for a position in multiple departments, notify the other supervisors of your employment so they can look at other applicants. 
    • Complete the appropriate paperwork with your supervisor. 

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