• Student Life

    The Student Life Office challenges and supports students to grow and mature into people of God who are prepared to serve in his kingdom. This mission is accomplished by partnering with the academic programs to foster a community of learning both in and outside of the classroom. Our goal is to provide learning experiences that strengthen the spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, social, and cultural development of students. 

    The Student Life Mission Statement:

    Out of our desire to glorify God, Student Life, in community, intentionally integrates faith, education and service.

    Our Core Values:
    1. Faith: Called by God, empowered by the Holy Spirit, following Jesus through a life of continual worship
    2. Education: Creating and providing learning opportunities in and outside the classroom
    3. Service: Should to shoulder we strive to serve, support and celebrate students, faculty, staff, the broader community and one another
    4. Community: Building authentic Christ-centered community

  • Meet the Student Life Team:

     Curt Essenburg  Curt Essenburg
    Director of Student Life
    Phone: 616.988.3654

     2013 Jeff Timmer   Jeff Timmer
    Resident Director and Career Services Coordinator
    Phone: 616.988.3734
     Jana Postma  Jana Postma
    Student Life Coordinator
    Phone: 616.988.3650
     Mary VanderMeer(1)   Mary VanderMeer
    International Student Coordinator
    Phone: 616.988.3678
     Carol Hochhalter  Carol Hochhalter
    Chapel Coordinator
    Phone: 616.988.3697
      Dana and Ethan Ezikian
    Living Learning Interns
    Phone: 616.988.3647


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