•  Orientation

    Orientation is a great time to get to know other new students, as well as get the inside scoop on how Kuyper as an institution runs.

    Kuyper’s Orientation program is meant to provide you with a great start to your Kuyper experience. It is for all students new to Kuyper College. With core principles of worldview, identity development, intercultural competency, leadership and engaged learning, students are offered the opportunity to begin their college career at Kuyper with a unique learning experience. 


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    After experiencing Kuyper Orientation, our hope is that you learned who Kuyper is and what we are about. You will now know how to get involved, and what the community at Kuyper is like. You would have heard some helpful tips and tricks about how to be a successful student, as well as made some new friends. You would have served alongside your classmates in the great Grand Rapids area, and you would have made some wonderful memories. What a great way to start the year! 


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