• Student Organizations

    Do you like to take pictures or plan events? What about raising awareness regarding a particular issue or partnering with a local organization to do a service project? These are just Group of Students a few of the great opportunities offered by joining a student group. Students that join a student group often return to serve again the following year or apply to become the intern of the group. Below is a list of the student groups at Kuyper College. If you do not see a group geared toward your interests please talk with the Student Life Coordinator in the Student Life Office about how to begin a new student group.   

    B.L.O.C. (Building Leaders in Our Community)
    B.L.O.C. is a group that focuses on doing service projects locally throughout the year. "You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love" (Galatians 5:13).
    HANDS (Helping and Nurturing During Service)
    HANDS seeks to change the world through reaching out to others and trying to understand social justice issues with a holistic view.
    Harambe is an intercultural and diversity group at Kuyper College. The aim is to make our students, staff and faculty more aware of what is going on in the world, as well as in our own backyard. Harambe coordinates diversity lectures and cultural festivals and gives the Kuyper Community the opportunity to engage with others and experience cross cultural fellowship.
    The Intramural Committee plans and coordinates events to promote an active lifestyle and healthy sportsmanship. They plan various tournaments, activities, and events for the Kuyper College community.
    Prayer Teams
    This group recognizes that we need to be intentional about the time we spend in prayer. The purpose of prayer teams is to see God work in our Kuyper family and to enhance our urgency to pray for each other and ourselves. This group facilitates a way for students, staff and faculty to meet and pray in small groups as well as gathering as a large body.
    Spiritual Life Committee
    The mandate of the Spiritual Life Committee is to increase the overall spiritual vitality of the college. This includes giving direction and supervision to the Chapel services of the college, planning retreats, and organizing a program of Bible studies and prayer groups along with the Resident Assistants.
    Street Team
    The Street Team ministers to numerous people in the Grand Rapids community area. They seek to build relationships with those in the community by handing out free coffee and donuts, copies of the Bible, and by spending time in prayer.
    SAC (Student Activities Club)
    The goal of the Student Activities Club is to provide all students with opportunities for social interaction and activities that build community and promote healthy recreation. The club plans events such as the Christmas Banquet, Fun Fest, and Midnight Bowling.
    Student Senate
    To the Glory of God, Student Senate seeks to serve, inform, represent, support, engage, and be a cohesive factor among the student body and the administration of Kuyper College.‖ Student Senate members play an active role in a number of areas of the college as well as taking on Student Senate sponsored projects. Student Senate is comprised of Student Interns and Student Representatives. Student Interns are appointed to Student Senate and Student Representatives are elected by their peers.
    The Missions Club
    Praying, Sharing, Learning is the motto of the Missions Club. They seek to learn about the world Christian movement, pray about needs of missionaries and the church around the world, and share what God is doing in their own lives. They meet once a month, led by Intercultural Studies Majors as well as Professor Lisa Hoogeboom and Professor TeresaRenkema.
    Yearbook Staff
    The student yearbook is produced by students and is published in the spring of the school year. Students with no prior experience working on a yearbook are invited to join the journey as well.
    Youth Ministry Club
    Each month this group gathers together to encourage each other, learn something about youth ministry in the West Michigan area and have lots of fun doing it. Open to all youth ministry majors, minors, and volunteers!
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