• Student Spotlight

    Cobey Bussey LargeCobey Bussey Jr.
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Class of 2016
    Major: Business Leadership

    According to Cobey Bussey, his father is the hardest working man he knows. “He has worked hard for our family while teaching my siblings and me what it takes to be successful in life. The formula he consistently preached was simple: a close knit family, hard work and respect,” said Cobey. He added that a quote from his father, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” keeps him motivated to achieve his goals.

    Cobey also had high praise for his mother, whom he characterized as the most loving and caring person in the world. “While we were growing up, there wasn’t anything she would not do to take care of our family; she made sure we had everything we needed. She still cares for us like that today,” he said. Cobey also speaks in glowing terms of his brother—“my best friend,” and his sister—“determined and totally committed.” He added that it is his family and the environment that he grew up in that has helped him to stay focused in everything he does.

    While attending high school, Cobey says he was always committed to achieving the best he could while also maintaining a balanced life. “Staying committed to school made me more responsible as I was growing up—I also loved and played basketball and football,” he said.

    Cobey says that although faith in the Lord played a big role in his and his family’s life, before coming to Kuyper he viewed Christ from a distance. “Now,” he said, “I rely on the Lord to get me up every day, and I give to Him whatever I have to handle that day. I know He cares and looks over me, so I live, always believing and with a heart of faith.”

    At Kuyper, Cobey said he has found a great community. “I came here to get a Christian education and to play basketball. But I also found a welcoming community that took me in and has provided me with much support to help me grow further in my faith and continue to grow as a man,” he said. In praise of his fellow students, Cobey says they are supportive and want to see everyone succeed. Referring to the faculty, he says the professors are all welcoming, and he has received from them “a ton” of knowledge of things he did not know. While at Kuyper, Cobey continues the pattern of life he lived while at home—he is very busy. “Besides all of my studies, I am a member of the basketball team and also work stacking pallets at SpartanNash. All of these experiences are good and help me to grow,” he said.

    After graduation, and relying on the knowledge and experience gained through his business studies, Cobey plans to open a restaurant. He says that Kuyper had, and continues to have, a large influence in the development of those plans: “Kuyper has been life-changing and a blessing, teaching me to become the best man I can be."


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