• Student Spotlight

    Kelly Oosterbroek LargeKelly Oosterbroek
    Hudsonville, Michigan
    Class of 2014
    Major: Business Leadership

    My neighborhood in Hudsonville, Michigan, was the greatest place to grow up. My younger sister Ashley and I loved playing outside with kids our age. And, together with my mom and dad, we did a lot as a family. We always went camping and bike riding in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter. We were also very involved in our church.

    I was 11 years old when I professed in front of my church that I wanted to live for Jesus the rest of my life. There were times after that when I doubted God and struggled, like during my senior year in high school. Even though I was a good student, worked after school, ran track, and volunteered at church and school, I still wanted to “fit in” and “enjoy.” However, I soon came to realize that the things I thought were enjoyable were not. Looking back, my faith has shaped me into the person I am and the person that God wants me to be. Now that I am older, I am looking to be baptized again. I didn’t fully understand what I did as an 11-year-old, so I want to profess once again to Christ that I am His and that I want to spread His Word.

    I came to Kuyper at the suggestion of my youth pastor. All I remember from my first visit is meeting many cool students and immediately loving the staff and faculty I talked with. I didn’t visit another school because Kuyper felt so right. I wanted a Christian atmosphere, a small school, and a business program. Kuyper offered all three.

    Kuyper is really the best community I have ever been a part of. I am sad to leave it in a year! I am having fun learning from others—so much more than what my degree will say or describe. I have received a spectacular education, knowledge of the Bible, confidence and identity in Christ, and have also built lifelong relationships. Here professors love you! They sit down with me to talk about just anything and to pray for me. They have become friends. Students are also very supportive. When I have a conversation with any of my fellow students, I always leave smiling.

    At Kuyper I’ve also been given the opportunity to put my classroom knowledge to work—up to 25 hours a week as the facilities assistant and wedding coordinator. I love my job! I get to coordinate all the weddings that occur at our Chapel and any rentals that occur on campus, as well as supervise student workers and deal with many other administrative tasks. I am always busy, but I enjoy serving others with my gifts. I have learned to have extreme time management skills and discipline when it comes to social time and study time.

    Kuyper helped show me who I really am. I am a crazy, dedicated, God-loving redhead with a bright future ahead of me. The business program has strengthened me in my faith because I am not only learning business skills and ideas, but also about ethical living, teamwork and community. And I am not afraid of failure because I know that we learn from each mistake.

    I don’t know where I would be without Kuyper College and the nudges and encouragement of people here. I can say without a doubt that God is doing great things in Kuyper and at Kuyper.

    My future? It is exciting. Is it normal to not be nervous, but excited and wishing it was coming sooner? After graduation, I am hoping to get a full-time job in any business. I am not picky at all right now. I just want a place where I can use what I learned in class and at my internship to seek God’s will in my life. I am extremely confident and excited about my future because I know that no matter what, God will bless me with whatever happens. I can completely trust Him because He does good to those who seek Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.


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