• Kuyper College Endowed Scholarships

    Kuyper College offers our students over eighty named or endowed scholarships. Established through the generosity of donors, they are awarded based on a variety of criteria.

    We are grateful to the many scholarship sponsors who have made a long-term commitment to help us provide an affordable, high-quality education to the next generation of ministry-focused Christian leaders.

    For information on how to establish a Kuyper College Scholarship, please contact Ken Capisciolto, Vice President for Advancement, at 616.988.3620 or e-mail kcapisciolto@kuyper.edu.

    Ethnically Native American and Demonstrated Financial Need
    Dr. W Clarence and Anne Beets Scholarship
    Raymond and Elizabeth Brummel Scholarship
    Demonstrated Financial Need
    Gerald and Florence Blauwkamp Scholarship
    Douglas Blocksma Scholarship
    Mike and Lillian Boonstra Scholarship
    Lawrence D. Bos, Sr. Family Scholarship
    Henry and Carolyn Bouma Scholarship
    DeVries Family Scholarship
    Eldrenkamp Scholarship
    Martha H. Felton Scholarship
    Ken and June Holtvluwer Family Scholarship
    Nitz Scholarship
    George J. Stob Family Scholarship
    Harry G. VanderArk Scholarship
    VanderArk Scholarship
    Elizabeth Vredevoogd Scholarship
    Wallinga Family Scholarship
    Weaver Scholarship
    David B. Zylstra Scholarship
    U.S. Vision Scholarship
    Faith/Futures Scholarship
    Intending To Use Musical Abilities in Ministry
    Ruth Canaan Scholarship
    Mierop Scholarship
    Professor Jack VanLaar Scholarship
    Fannie Johnson Scholarship
    Physical Impairment
    Mephibosheth Scholarship  
    Declared Major in Cross-Cultural Studies and Demonstrated Financial Need
    Marcus and Martina Boersma Memorial Scholarship
    Bursma Family Scholarship
    Bushhouse Missionary Scholarship
    John and Geraldine Folkerts Scholarship
    Norwood and Helen Hubbell Missions Scholarship
    Masselink Scholarship
    Schreiber Family Scholarship
    Tuit Scholarship
    VandenBosch Scholarship
    VanderSchuur Scholarship
    Agnes Vellenga Scholarship for Cross-Cultural Missions
    Matilda Vermeer Scholarship
    Morris Wilderom Scholarship
    Betty and Isaac W. Williamson Scholarship
    Ken and Jane Knoll Scholarship 
    Declared Major in Pre-Seminary Studies
    Bremer Family Scholarship
    DJD Scholarship
    Hopkins Family Scholarship
    John and Johanna Klompien Scholarship
    Jay and Adelle VanDaalen Scholarship
    Verduin Family Scholarship
    International Students
    John and Evelyn Bilthuis International Scholarship
    The Boelens Family Scholarship
    Clarence and Tessie Bouma Scholarship
    Don and Dorothy Bratt Family Scholarship
    Jack and Kay Dykstra Scholarship
    Gordon and Marilyn Grevengoed Scholarship
    Paul and Dorothy Hostetter Scholarship
    Petter International Scholarship
    Gerald P. and Audrey M. Ritzema Scholarship
    Aletta Rozema Scholarship
    Janet TenHave Scholarship
    Witt Family Scholarship
    Dr. Marshall and Mary Ellens Family Scholarship
    John and Marjorie Sharpe Scholarship 
    Raised on the Mission Field
    J.E. Ritsema M.K. Scholarship
    VanEerden Family Scholarship
    Declared Major in Ministry Field
    Coldbrook Scholarship
    Corinth Scholarship
    Lambert and Cora DeVries Scholarship
    DeZwaan Scholarship
    Hiram and Gertrude Gezon Family Scholarship
    Mart and Helen Goote Scholarship
    Katie Gunnink Memorial Scholarship
    E. Bud and June Koorndyk Scholarship
    Thomas D. Koorndyk Memorial Scholarship
    Nick and Crystal Kroeze Memorial Scholarship
    William J. Noteboom Scholarship
    John H. Schaal Scholarship
    VanderMey Missions Scholarship
    Arthur and Anne VanEnk Scholarship
    Dan and Gert Vos Scholarship
    Paul and Trudy Westveer Scholarship
    Willard and Grace Berkenpas Scholarship
    Edith Stob Scholarship
    Bill and Lois Telzerow Family Scholarship
    Returning to College from Workforce
    Kasjen Tebben Memorial Scholarship
    Elenbaas Family Scholarship
    Klamer Family Scholarship 
    Declared Major in Social Work
    William and Bernadine Hovenga Family Scholarship
    Michael Scholarship
    Wierenga Family Scholarship
    Declared Major in Social Work or Youth Ministry
    Henry and Helen VanKlaveren Scholarship
    James J. and Helen A. DeJonge Scholarship
    Dr. Marshall and Mary Ellens Family Scholarship
    Member of Boston Square CRC
    Sidney and Mildred Visser Scholarship
    Bethany Christian Services
    Dr. Paul and Dorothy Hostetter Scholarship
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