• TheKee – The Kuyper Education Experience

    Kuyper College offers Bachelor and Associate degrees in a wide variety of academic majors. Together, these ministry and professional majors form one of the foundational elements that make Kuyper a very unique college. At Kuyper we call the sum of these elements… “TheKee” or The Kuyper Education Experience. 


    Through the combination of a rigorous academic curriculum and a biblical worldview, the academic program at Kuyper College has been designed to completely incorporate faith into the learning process. Kuyper College’s distinctively Christian core curriculum is based on the integration of 36 General Education/Arts & Science and 21 Bible & Theology credits. This makes us one of the few Christian Colleges in the United States requiring this high a number of Bible & Theology credits.

    Biblical Integration
    A major component of TheKee is our continuous and intentional program of integration of the Bible not only in our academic programs but in every aspect of the College. Through it, we help our students discern their spiritual gifts, mature in the understanding of their identity in Christ and live a vibrant and fruitful life of service to others.
    Our faculty-to-student ratio—one-to-15—allows our students to receive highly personalized and customized instruction from a dedicated faculty known for their subject matter expertise. This also provides professors and students the opportunity to establish life-enriching relationships as they get to know each other outside of the classroom. 
    Another important element of TheKee is our Internship program. In partnership with nationally recognized ministries and organizations, Kuyper's Internships provide our students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired in the classroom to every-day situations. This comprehensive Internship program, which is part of our standard curriculum, helps students begin the transition from the theoretical to the practical before they graduate.
    Global Education
    TheKee offers our students learning and service opportunities not only in the United States, but also locations throughout the world including: Israel, China, Kenya, Japan, Switzerland, South Africa, Mexico and Romania, among many others. This program provides our students a broader global perspective of places and people beyond their present environment.
    An additional and critically important component of TheKee is the College’s continual emphasis on promoting community. Our student body’s representation of more than 25 denominations allows them to live and interact with others of like faith yet, different denominational practices. We also place a high value on welcoming cultures from all over the world. At Kuyper, the denominational and cultural differences of our student body provide a representation of God’s love for the whole world, as well as visible and tangible examples of how to live that love through our relationship with others.
    Christian Leadership
    At Kuyper we practice Christ-modeled leadership. We equip our students to become Christian leaders by training them to take responsibility for who they are, to accept where God has placed them, and with the skills He’s given them, make a godly impact on those around them.
    Exceptional Value
    One of the most important elements of TheKee is the cost of our students’ education. Kuyper provides Exceptional Value ensuring that our high-quality education is very affordable. Kuyper's tuition is significantly lower than comparable Christian colleges—an average of $6,000 less per year. In addition, Kuyper offers many scholarship opportunities. When our students consider our lower costs, the quality of our academic programs, the spiritual and campus environment, and the extraordinary results that our graduates achieve, they find that Kuyper does indeed provide an exceptional value.
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