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    When looking at which college to attend, you should be sure you are making a wise investment.  At Kuyper College, we place special emphasis on making a high-quality Christian college education as affordable as possible.  This keeps Kuyper's tuition costs significantly lower than many other Christian colleges.  This affordable education, combined with an education that is focused on preparing Christian leaders to make a difference, makes Kuyper an exceptional value.

    Affordable, High Value (2015-2016) 

    Annual Costs Summary:   
    Full-time Tuition (12-17 credit hours) $ 18,960 per year
    Room and Board (15 meals/week) $ 6,800 per year
    Fees: $ 584 per year
    Detailed Costs Breakdown:  
    Full-time Tuition (12-17 credit hours)           $ 9,480 per semester     
    Part-time tuition (1-11 credits)         $   910 per credit
    Spring Session 2014            $   500 per credit
    Housing Costs                                    (20-meal plan)         $ 3,630 per semester
                                                                   (15-meal plan)         $ 3,400 per semester
                                                                   (10-meal plan)         $ 3,040 per semester
    Housing Deposit         $    200 (one time charge) 
    Student Services Fee (Full- time)         $    544 (fall only charge)
    Student Services Fee (Part- time)         $    295 (fall only charge)
    Registration Fees             $      20 (per semester)

    Please note: Some classes may entail lab fees.  Book charges vary by course.

    A Deferred Payment Plan Form is available through the Business Office.

  • Rebecca's Financial Aid Story 

    Rebecca is a Michigan resident and loves living on campus. One of her parents was recently unemployed. She receives an academic scholarship, along with federal, state, and other institutional grants that total $13,600. She also receives $7,500 in loans. Rebecca uses earnings from her on-campus job to assist with her expenses as well.

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