• 2013 09 23 Hymnfest
    In June, the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) released a new book of hymns - its first comprehensive hymnal in more than 20 years.  

    Produced by the CRC’s publishing agency, Faith Alive Christian Resources, as a joint effort of the CRC and the Reformed Church in America (RCA),
    Lift Up Your Hearts is also the first hymnal to be endorsed for use by congregations of both denominations. 

    Kuyper alumnus and Faith Alive’s worship and music editor, Rev. Joyce Borger, was instrumental in the creating and publishing of this hymnal. The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship is providing support to worshiping communities across North America to host Hymnfests. The purpose of this program was to promote learning about what it means to sing the whole of God’s story. In celebration of it's production, Kuyper College hosted the
    Singing the Whole Story Hymnfest on February 23, 2014. A recording of the video can be seen here.  

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