• Journalism

    "Freedom of the press" is one of the essential elements of American culture and of democracy. Those who work in Journalism bear a responsibility to communicate the truth. Since the information explosion, there are more ways than ever to broadcast the truth, and more need for journalists who can communicate clearly and with integrity. Kuyper College's journalism program will prepare you to investigate, to interview, to write well, to engage our culture and to bring truth and light to the world, in both traditional and non-traditional settings. Students can elect one of these optional emphases: News-Editorial, Public Relations, or Visual Communications.  This program is completed in collaboration with Cornerstone University.

    Students graduating from the Journalism program will be prepared to apply the skills learned through the study of Journalism to a variety of contexts. Abilities gained through the progam include:

    • Writing in a variety of contexts, both traditional and nontraditional
    • Editing skills
    • Photojournalistic techniques
    • Understanding and skills to engage in public relations
    • Discerning of ethical practices
    • Partcipation in campus newspaper production

    Where can Journalist graduates work?

    Our Journalism graduates will be able to write and edit news articles as a reporter, become a photojournalist, public relations specialist, or campaign manager for a political campaign.


    Comprehensive Curriculum 

    The journalism program will educate, train, and equip you for a successful career. Below is just a sample of what some of these courses cover:

    • Feature Writing - Teaches students how to writes stories about interesting people, places and things for print and online magazines and newspapers from an instructor with more than three decades of magazine freelance writing and newspaper editing experience.
    • Editing Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Online - Learn the ins and outs of editing from an instructor who has more than two decades of experience as a senior editor in the book publishing industry.
    • Introduction to Digital Photography - A great introductory course that covers the basics of digital photography, from lighting to composition to Photoshop and much more.


    Students can choose to spend a semester in Chicago, working for a print, online or broadcast media firm. Other students have spent a summer or semester at the Washington Journalism Center in Washington, D.C.

    Cornerstone University is a like-minded, accredited, Christian liberal-arts college just two miles south of Kuyper College. Students who intend to enroll in these programs will work closely with Kuyper College's registrar, who is the students’ advisor, to navigate the program requirements.

    Through the collaborative arrangement, students are granted the opportunity to study at Cornerstone as Kuyper students; Kuyper College awards the students’ degrees and (in consultation with the appropriate personnel at Cornerstone) determines the course of study and course equivalencies. Students who elect a major in collaboration with Cornerstone University must complete the admissions requirements as indicated at www.cornerstone.edu. These students are considered non-degree seeking students by Cornerstone University. Upon admission, the students will be registered for their first semester of classes at Cornerstone by the Academic Office at Kuyper College. New collaborative students are also required to complete an orientation at Cornerstone University prior to their first classes. Only students in good standing at Kuyper College will be allowed to begin a collaborative program of study.
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