The Inspiring Leaders Luncheon Series

October 9, 2015

The Kuyper Inspiring Leaders Luncheon series, designed to inspire students while they train to be business leaders, kicked off this past September. According to Marc Andreas, Kuyper College’s Professor and Program Director of the Kuyper Business Leadership program, the theme of this year’s series is a “focus on faith and leadership,” as each speaker will share “how their faith in Christ guides how they lead.”

Those who attended the first lunch in the series heard from Stacey Baker, a Kuyper alumnus and now a Family Development and Children’s Ministry Leader at The Other Way Ministries of Grand Rapids. In late October, the next event in the series, will feature another Kuyper alumnus, Angel Rodriguez, who leads the Yo Puedo program in Grand Rapids’ Public Schools, and in November, the series will feature Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of Hidalgo & DeVries, Inc., a strategic marketing and market research firm headquartered in Grand Rapids. The series will continue throughout the winter semester—with January’s event featuring Mark Whitacre, whose real-life story inspired the 2009 film starring Matt Damon as The Informant and February’s featuring nationally recognized businessman, J. C. Huizenga.