2016 Faculty and Alumni Scholar Day

October 7, 2016

Does God care about hair length relative to gender? Does Zachariah consist of two different books, or is it a unified whole? What is ALEA?

These questions were just a few discussed by Kuyper faculty and alumni during the annual Faculty and Alumni Scholar Day, held Friday, October 7.

The event was split into four time blocks, during which attendees chose between different sessions occurring simultaneously at different venues.

Many flocked to Dr. Branson Parler’s “Hair length and Human Sexuality” during the first hour. He spoke about the passage in 1 Corinthians where Paul seems to argue that women should wear their hair longer than men. Parler believes that Paul is not merely appealing to custom in his argument, but to a perceived first century physiological differences.

Daniel Devries, a graduate from Kuyper’s 2012 in the class, posited that though many modern scholars have regarded the Old Testament prophet Zachariah as having two different sources many years apart, the constant messianic theme of the book seems to indicate its unity.

Kuyper librarians Dianne Zandbergen and Michelle Norquist, along with instructor of English Andrew Zwart, presented on Kuyper’s ALEA program. This is a concentrated effort on campus to promote “research as a process and scholarship as a conversation.” The faculty have adopted the techniques promoted by ALEA, and the college has seen paper and exam quality improve as a result.

Kuyper has been holding Faculty and Alumni Scholar Day, as well as its winter semester counterpart Student Scholar Day, since 2012. The event is free and the public is welcomed to attend. 

Visit Here to watch Dr. Parler, Dr. Fisher, and Prof. Andreas' 2016 Scholar Day Presentations.