Presidential Transition Process Update - February 29, 2016

February 28, 2016

With President Kroeze’s pending retirement (announced in September 2015 and to occur in early to mid-2017), he and the board of trustees want to provide a seamless transition of leadership from the present to the future administration. For that purpose,  the board appointed a Transition Team in November charged with developing a search and transition process that both honors the leadership and legacy of Dr. Kroeze while also finding the most qualified individual to lead the College in the years ahead.

The team, chaired by board of trustees member Paul Holtrop, includes Anne Bauman, a Kuyper alumna; Benjamin Hoekman, a Kuyper student; Kirsten Herich, a Kuyper staff member; Judi Ravenhorst Meerman, a member of the Kuyper faculty & alumna, Ken Capisciolto, a member of the president’s cabinet, and board of trustee members Rev. John DeVries, Karen Helder, Rev. Henry Admiraal, and Rev. Art Van Wolde, who is also a Kuyper alumnus. Ms. Herich was appointed in February 2016 to replace Luke Morgan, who has followed a call into church ministry.

The team has met four times since early December and has several priorities as the breadth of the project becomes evident. In addition to growing together as an effective decision-making group, the team’s focus has been placed on establishing a communications plan that will provide periodic updates and ask for feedback from college stakeholders. Furthermore, the team is developing a roadmap for success using established best practices and processes from other institutions that have recently gone through presidential transitions. The highest priority of the team, however, is seeking the wisdom of God through prayer, and they request that you join them in that endeavor!

The extent of the team’s assignment is broad and will take many months, but it has been narrowed down into several categories. One of the current goals is to assess the need for and partner with a professional consultant or search firm to assist with the search process. Other tasks include developing an opportunity profile which describes Kuyper College and the presidential role, appropriately recognizing Dr. Kroeze as he moves into retirement, and welcoming the new president.

As the process to select Kuyper’s next president moves forward, the transition team covets your prayers in asking that God will bless the entire process. If you have additional thoughts or questions, please direct them to