Youth Ministry Lunch 'N Learn welcomes Todd Tolsma

February 5, 2017

Kuyper College hosted a youth ministry lunch and learn on Thursday, January 26th, featuring Todd Tolsma, head of Northpointe Christian Schools.

Youth pastors from churches around the area attended the meeting, as did members of parachurch ministries such as The Fellowship of Christians Athletes.

Tolsma shared lessons the has learned while at Northpointe. He stressed the need for youth pastors and others in ministry to develop a culture of honesty and love. "I think we're a little odd," he said about his school, "we pray that sin would be revealed." Tolsma would rather have sin get out into the open than stay hidden and fester.

Tolsma encouraged the youth leaders present to not despair when encountering difficulties, saying that obstructions to ministry work are indications that it is thwarting the plans of the evil one. "If you are about kingdom work, Satan is going to attack you," he said.

Likening ministry to a business, Tolsma critiqued the idea that ministry should be without expectations.  "God requires out best and he deserves our best," he said, urging the group to expect results from their work.

Kuyper will host two more Lunch ‘N Learns this semester, on February 23, and March 23.