Kuyper College Announces the Launch of its Master of Ministry Program

October 19, 2018

Dr. Jeff Fisher, Interim Academic Dean at Kuyper College, announced the launch of the College’s Master of Ministry program.  Designed for the demands of modern life, students will be able to complete this program without disrupting their present ministry or career. According to Dr. Fisher, the program features three key distinctives. Innovative—enhances student’s current ministry while equipping them for the future. Unique—values student’s current work setting as a learning community. Integrated—combines the best of academic thought and applied learning experiences to create a vibrant learning environment.

“Students in the program not only participate with professors and other students in the course, but more significantly, their own present ministry context also functions as a primary learning community,” said Fisher.  “The focus on the practical aspects of ministry shapes course instruction and the type of assignments the students will do in order to take full advantage of the learning communities in which they are participating. The idea is that many of the course assignments will be intentionally designed to be used in the student’s present ministry.”

This 36-hour graduate program offers practice-oriented biblical, theological and ministry-specific courses and an individualized capstone project. As a program, the learning interactions will happen through multiple communication channels including video conferencing, digital communications and seminars. Each course will help students explore the challenges of leading in the midst of a rapidly shifting culture.

The coursework offerings will be 8-weeks in length. During the program students will develop an e-portfolio that will facilitate the collection of their work across the curriculum. The Master of Ministry program is comprised of six core courses in biblical and theological studies, five specialized ministry seminars, and a capstone seminar.

The Master of Ministry program is scheduled to start in January, 2019. For more information on the Kuyper Master of Ministry Program, go to: www.kuyper.edu/academics/graduate-program/