Kuyper College Statement on Social Justice

June 4, 2020

Kuyper College Statement on Social Justice  

George Floyd’s Life Mattered. Black Lives Matter. Life is Sacred.

As a College whose thoughts and actions are guided by God’s Word, we are adding our voice of condemnation against the racist attitudes that caused the murder of George Floyd. God created all of us in His image. God made us who we are. 

The heartbreak of what we witnessed on a Minneapolis street last week has angered, profoundly troubled, and deeply saddened us. We abhor the racism that caused the death of George Floyd.

We have fallen short of God's intended goodness and shalom and must stand together against racism, hate, and violence. God commands us to love our neighbor, especially the oppressed. How then do we act in order to restore what we, as fallen people, have broken? How do we respond?

We Stand. 

We stand with our students. We stand with those feeling the hurt and pain over targeted police brutality and racism. We stand with those feeling marginalized by the actions of others. We stand with those confused by it all; unsure of what to say or do.

As Christians, we seek to restore justice. We embrace the opportunity to educate students to be seekers of justice as they—His image bearers—are vital to changing the future and impacting the world according to His will.

Kuyper College stands against racism.  We also join with others across the nation  in lifting prayers for healing and comfort for every person and every community affected.