The Groundwork Podcast -Reimagining Discipleship

September 29, 2021

Following the biblical mandate to go and make disciples is something that Pastor Darrell Delaney cares about very deeply. Since his graduation from Kuyper College in 2005, he has pursued this path. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Western Theological Seminary and his Master of Theology degree from Calvin Seminary, he spent years working in youth ministry, and he now serves as the campus pastor for Madison Church, Square Campus, in Grand Rapids. Recently, he had the opportunity to take another new step along this journey by joining the podcast Groundwork as its newest cohost.

Groundwork is a production of ReFrame Ministries, formerly known as Back to Ministries International, a global mission that helps transform lives by using indigenous teams to produce media in 10 of the world’s major languages. The podcast began airing in 2010 through a partnership between ReFrame and Words of Hope. Pastor Delaney noted, “This podcast is something that the Christian Reformed Church has been doing to equip people with tools to grow in their walk with Jesus.”

Every week he and his cohost, Scott Hoezee, dig into the Bible, exploring it as the foundation for life. “I want to help others fall in love with Jesus and become more and more like Him in their attitudes and actions and seek to make other disciple-makers who do the same,” said Pastor Delaney.

During the half-hour podcast, Pastor Delaney and his cohost delve into Old and New Testament Scripture and substantive themes like reconciliation, fellowship, Christian freedom, and finding strength in God through life tragedies.

Though Pastor Delaney and his cohost begin the program with an outline, God often uncovers fresh insight through their give and take. “I come in with notes, but then God reveals something in the moment, a timely word, and I love being part of bringing that to our listeners,” he said.

Pastor Delaney’s excitement for seeing people grow in their knowledge and love of God is contagious. Though he already spends much of his time preaching, teaching and discipling at Madison Church, working with Groundwork never tires him. “Because it’s my passion, it doesn’t deplete me. I’m communicating the Gospel. Who doesn’t want to do that?” he explained.

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