Biblical Worldview

We believe history is directed and controlled by God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—in order that God’s purposes for all creation are accomplished. This forms the foundation of a Kuyper education, where the Bible is completely integrated into every class. Through this, you will be able to see, understand and live all of life through the lens of Scripture—responding to situations within the context of a biblical perspective that views every square inch of the world as belonging to God.

Robust Bible & Theology

Your education at Kuyper will be firmly rooted in Scripture and grounded with an understanding of what the Christian church has always taught and believed. For this reason, the Bible and theology curriculum remains central as we equip you to serve Christ's church and His world. Depending on you major and selection of electives, you have the option of graduating with a double major—one in your chosen program and one in Bible and theology—making Kuyper one of only a few Christian colleges in the United States providing such an extensive foundation in the study of Bible and theology.


A key component of your studies at Kuyper will include experiential, out-of-classroom learning. Your internship will give you hands-on experience as you apply the principles, skills and techniques learned in the classroom. Through practical field-learning, tailored to fit your career goals, gifts and passions, you will experience the challenges of working in your chosen profession and will graduate with real-world experience and a strong resumé.

Cultural Immersion

Kuyper will prepare you to engage God’s diverse kingdom while upholding the primacy of Scripture. Through your internship, plus a global awareness course, off-campus experiences and service learning opportunities, Kuyper will help you become a culturally sensitive Christian who can avoid cultural superiority and contradictory cultural beliefs.

Christian Leadership

At Kuyper your classroom and out-of-classroom experiences will prepare you to become a relational, inclusive, empowering, purposeful and ethical Christian leader. Practicing Christ-modeled leadership, you will be prepared to lead by taking responsibility for who you are, accepting where God has placed you, and with the skills He’s given you, making a godly impact in the lives of others.


In an effort to maintain a high level of educational achievement, each of our programs is continuously evaluated using our five student learning outcomes. Managed by the Provost, this assessment ensures we are serving our students while using our resources wisely. You may find additional information of program assessment on each program information page.