KuyperEquips Talks


Upcoming Events: 

  • September 10, 11:30am, during Ora et Labora - Branson Parler and Panel of Master of Ministry Students - response to the video.  Watch the video before 11:30am, then join the live panel discussion on the KuyperLife facebook page.  

  • October 1, 11:30am, during Ora et Labora - Jeff Fisher and Bridge Street Ministries Students response to  "Was Jesus Omniscient as a Baby? - Christ as Both God and Man". Find the video here. You are encouraged to watch the video before hand but it is not required. View and participate in the event on Facebook Live.
  • October 8, 11:30am, during Ora et Labora - Marc Andreas(point person) Justin Giboney - "The AND Campaign: A Biblical Witness in Civic Engagement" 

  • October 22, 11:30am, during Ora et Labora - Kuyper Faculty - "Reflections on a Biblical Witness in Civic Engagement". 

Past Events:

  • The Practice and Theology of Converstation 
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  • Kuyper College Inspring Leaders - Glenn Kelly: Living Out My Faith In Hollywood