KuyperWorks Program Description

Key Principles and Biblical/Theological Foundations

Key Principles

Encourages students to value work as learning

Develops students biblical perspective on work

Enhances student learning by integrating work and academics

Prepares students to be workplace ready

Makes student’s Kuyper experience more affordable


Biblical/Theological Foundations

Throughout Scripture, we witness a God who works. God created the world and then created humans in his image and tasked his people to cultivate and care for his creation. God the Father demonstrates to his people what dominion and governance of creation should look like. The Gospels show us that Jesus assumed various vocations as a laborer, a teacher, and a leader. The Holy Spirit works in powerful ways in the hearts and minds of Christians in order that we might grow spiritually in the midst of Christian community. As God works, Christians are called to model faithful work in their lives. KuyperWorks will instill in students a passion to join in with the work that God is faithfully doing in and through all of the various work placements.

At Kuyper College, we reject a sacred/secular dualism in work. The work of Christians in ministry is no more spiritual than the work of Christians in social work, business, education, or the family. KuyperWorks is one way that our students can grow in appreciation of this reality. The work they do, whether as a server in the Dining Hall, a caller for Advancement, a tour guide for Admissions, or an intern within Spiritual Life, is integral to the work that God is doing at Kuyper College. 

Not only are Christian’s tasked to bear witness to the Kingdom of God in the work that they do, we are also able to recognize our own limitations in our work and realize that we and the world need Jesus Christ. Kuyper College graduates will know how to make sense of the work that they are doing in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so they can effectively and faithfully engage in the places in which God is calling them.


Purpose and Outcomes

KuyperWorks is an innovative program that integrates the learning from college workplace environments with academics to make a student ready for today’s careers. The program’s purpose is to contribute to the education of the whole person by facilitating institutionally significant opportunities for students to grow in character, work ethic, problem solving, critical thinking, responsibility, time management, leadership, and essential areas of professional competency while at the same time making a quality college education more affordable and accessible. 

  • Program Outcomes 
  1. Prepare students with the skills and expectations necessary to be ready for the contemporary workplace 
  2. Enhance student learning by intentionally guiding the connection between work and academics.
  3. Improve the affordability of, and access to, a quality college education 
  • Student Learning Outcomes - Students who successfully participate in KuyperWorks will: 
  1. Develop a set of skills and competencies* necessary to serve and lead in the workplace
  2. Demonstrate increasing responsibility and an appreciation for a positive work ethic as a meaningful expression of Christian identity and character 
  3. Generate a professional profile that is documented by an official work transcript and published on career networking websites 

* workplace ready skills and competencies include professionalism, collaboration, effort, productivity, critical thinking, etc.