Music and Worship

Program Level: Undergraduate

The Music and Worship program serves as a training ground for directors of music and worship, fine arts pastors and other Christian leaders. The music and worship major is much more than performance—it is Biblical leadership. It will prepare you to know, understand and live the theology of worship. You will learn to design and lead Biblical worship that brings glory to God. Through the strength of the full spectrum of the curriculum you will have a solid foundation to holistically lead and involve the priesthood of believers in worship.

  • Curriculum

    Kuyper’s music and worship curriculum is made up of dynamic and challenging courses that will educate, equip and train you with real-life experiences for a successful career. Below is a sample of what some of these courses cover.

    • Principles of Biblical Worship
    • Worship Technology
    • Designing and Leading Worship
    • Theology and History of Worship
  • Double Major

    Kuyper students value a strong grounding in Bible and theology that equips them both professionally and personally. You will be able to benefit from a double major built into your curriculum—in Bible & Theology and Music & Worship. Without adding any time to your program of choice, a double major will provide a firm foundation and important academic credentials to bolster your ministry or vocational career as you prepare for a life of ministry and service.

  • Internships

    You will participate in a year-long music and worship internship, available in a number of churches throughout Michigan. 

    • More than 300 hours of hands-on experience, applying the learning principles, skills and techniques from the classroom.
    • You will serve under the direct leadership of an experienced pastor, worship director, fine arts pastor, or music and worship director and the supervision of your faculty advisor.
    • Your field experience will challenge you in developmental areas which may need further growth and study, cultivate within you an increasing recognition of your God-given gifts for ministry along with self-awareness in relation to Christian calling.
    • It will equip you to develop complementary interpersonal relationships necessary for teamwork, conflict management, change and leadership.
  • Program Outcomes

    Graduates of the program will acquire skills which, when integrated with the arts, will enable them to design and confidently lead worship in a variety of local and global settings. Upon completion of the music and worship program, you will:

    • Display knowledge of the Biblical and historical foundations of Christian worship and use these roots as the starting point for planning culturally relevant worship.
    • Demonstrate interpersonal communication, teamwork, leadership and conflict management skills.
    • Use the arts and technology wisely in Christian worship, so as to enable rather than distract from the worship of the people.
    • Demonstrate the competence and presence to play the piano, keyboard, organ or guitar and sing to lead worship confidently.
    • Have a solid grasp of music theory, enabling you to involve a wide variety of instrumentalists and vocalists in worship.
    • Understand the role as pastor to congregation as well as to musicians and artists, helping to discover and deploy the gifts of the people and recognizing the formative nature of Spirit-filler worship.


    “As a worship leader, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t draw on the deep well of knowledge and love for God’s people that was fostered in me as a student in the Music and Worship program at Kuyper. I owe a tremendous debt to this institution.” - Ethan Ezikian—Class of 2011. Director of Worship Arts & Music, Peace Church EPC, Middleville, MI

  • Career Opportunities

    Music and worship graduates are in great demand and they are serving around the world in a variety of settings. Your degree will equip and qualify you to lead music and worship in many different contexts including:

    • Churches
    • Camp ministries
    • Para-church organizations
    • Youth ministry organizations
    • Mission organizations