Program Level: Undergraduate

Psychology is a discipline that applies to nearly every profession. Due to students' preparation in understanding and working with diverse people, a psychology background is appealing to employers in areas such as professional ministry, health care, and nonprofit work. Many psychology majors go on to graduate school to prepare for careers in counseling within private practices, agencies, schools and hospitals.



  • Career Opportunities

    As a graduate of this program, you may:

    • Work in diverse areas such as professional ministry, health care and business.
    • Go on to graduate school to prepare for careers in counseling within private practices, agencies, schools and hospitals.  
    • Pursue advanced study in psychology and go on to work as mental health consultants, professors, researchers and administrators.  
  • Internships

    Build your resume with an exciting internship personalized to your program. Your advisor will work with you to determine a placement in alignment with your gifts, interests, passions and career goals. A wide variety of placement opportunities and service areas available.

  • Curriculum

    Through your course of studies you will learn how to:

    • Examine, explore, and critique psychological ideas, theories and applications from a Christian perspective.
    • Apply what they learn in the classroom through practical work, volunteer, internship and professional experiences throughout West Michigan.
    • Influence our world for Christ by supporting and encouraging the health and development of children, adults and families in a variety of workplace and ministry environments.

    Below is a sample of what some of the courses in this program include:

    • Theories of Counseling
    • Physiological Psychology
    • Systems of Psychology

    Personalize Your Program             

    Make your degree as individual as you are. Personalize your program to meet your interests and goals. Select an additional specialization that will help you reach your goals. Here is a list of specializations commonly paired with the Communications program. A complete list of specializations can be found here.


    Students may select any Specialization, which consists of four (4) courses, or may use any 12 credits to fulfill general elective requirements. The Specializations that correspond closely with this major includes:

    • Family Ministry Studies
    • Human Services
    • Intercultural Studies
    • Pastoral Care
    • Youth Ministry


    Double Major Option

    Kuyper students value a strong grounding in Bible and theology that equips them both professionally and personally. Without adding any time to your Psychology program, selecting this option will provide a firm foundation as you prepare for a life of ministry and service. The Bible and theology core can be expanded by a simple shift of a few elective courses.


    *This program is completed in collaboration with Cornerstone University.