This year for #GivingTuesday, we are raising money for new Bibles in an updated version for Kuyper’s Vos Chapel to make students’ chapel experience smoother. We want Scripture to be as accessible as possible for students, and to do that we want the pew Bibles to match the Bible used by the speaker. In addition to replacing the pew Bibles, we will be fundraising for a pulpit Bible that has matching pages to the pew Bibles so the speaker simply has to call out a page number. This will help students who come into Kuyper without a knowledge of how to use a Bible to feel comfortable and part of the community.

Our goal is to fundraise for 200 pew Bibles and a pulpit Bible. On Tuesday, November 30th, a gift of just $15 can place a new Bible in the pew of our Vos Chapel. And thanks to the generous gift by a friend of the college, your GivingTuesday gift will be matched dollar for dollar! Every Bible donated now will provide two Bibles for our community. We need your support to reach our goal of 200 Bibles.

If you happen to be a Kuyper College Alum, we have an additional twist-  a competition among graduating decades. Everybody who donates a Bible (or a few!) earns you and your fellow alumni a point for your respective graduating decade team. The decade that wins will get an exclusive Kuyper College prize!

We would also love to honor each donor by putting their name in the front of the Bibles provided by their donation if they so choose.

Thank you so much for your commitment to the mission of Kuyper and helping students succeed.