Campus Safety

The Campus Safety Department (CSD) works to promote safety on campus and provide services to the Kuyper Community. Through education, information, public relations and enforcement, the CSD promotes a campus-wide environment of friendly, compassionate and courteous service. The CSD is dedicated to operating in a proactive, rather than reactive manner, and is continually researching new and best practices to deliver to the community.

CSD officers are trained in many aspects of crime prevention and community service. All staff are certified in First Aid, CPR and AED operations. We cooperate and work closely with the Grand Rapids Police Department, the Kent County Sheriff's Department and the Michigan State Police to coordinate any necessary police response. All of our officers are equipped for efficient response to any community needs. 


The CSD is located in the Student Center Building directly across from the Dining Hall and Fitness Center. The CSD is open or on-call and provides protection and services 24 hours a day throughout the school year.