Spiritual Development

There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: 'Mine!' "  — Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920)

College is a time when you establish lifelong friendships, develop foundational values, and set the trajectory of a your life. While academic pursuits will help you develop your gifts and calling, the Kuyper community also encourages you to grow spiritually as you seek what God has for your life. In addition to experiencing mentoring relationships with faculty and staff, you will have opportunities for spiritual growth through chapel, worship services and Bible Studies.

Chapel and Worship

The reformed faith teaches us that all of life is worship, and we believe, along with Abraham Kuyper, that Christ claims sovereignty over every square inch of creation and every moment of our lives.

While all of life is meant to glorify God, we have the privilege every Tuesday and Friday at 11:30 AM to gather as a community and spend time engaged with God in worship: lifting up His name in praise, calling on His mercy in prayer, and hearing His will and the grace He bestows through the proclamation of His Word.

Chapel takes a variety of forms, involving students, faculty and staff, and guest speakers. It is representative of our community, so a diversity of styles and expressions characterizes our worship—yet it is always rooted in a Trinitarian understanding of God: the Father calls us to worship; the Son leads us and enables our worship by His death and resurrection; and the Spirit guides us in our seeking, our praying, and our exercise of His gifts. Our worship engagement is based on God's directions for us in His Word. Thanks be to God for the privilege of worship.

For more information about chapel, please contact our Coordinator of Vocation, Calling and Community Life, Mike McCarty.

Ora et Labora is the motto on the College’s seal. Translated to english as “Pray and Work,” the motto represents the college's commitment to vocational preparation, discernment of calling, academic faithfulness and spiritual formation. The phrase originally shows up in The Rule of St Benedict, a 6th book to guide monastic life and has been adapted at Kuyper College in light of the guidance of Augustine of Hippo, John Calvin and Abraham Kuyper.

Ora et Labora is a collaborative offering of the Academic Office and Student Development that encourages student learning and engagement on a variety of relevant issues in the marketplace, the church, and throughout society.

Join us at 11:30am on Thursdays in the Walters Dining Hall for Ora Et Labora.

Campus Ministries

To aid in your faith development, Kuyper College provides opportunities to engage faith and community. Some of the opportunities available to you include:

  • Small groups
  • Bible studies
  • Movie Discussions
  • Retreats
  • Spring Break Service Trip