Student Leadership

Kuyper College will equip you to become a Christian leader. You will learn to practice Christ-modeled leadership, which is relational, inclusive, empowering, purposeful and ethical. Kuyper will also prepare you to lead by taking responsibility for who you are, accepting where God has placed you, and using the skills He's given you to influence in the lives of others—for the Glory of God.

Student leadership positions are a great way to develop your gifts and talents, serve your college community and learn more about yourself, your peers and your God. We would love for you to get involved!

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are Kuyper College students who have expressed a desire to exhibit Christ-modeled leadership toward the students they live with and serve. There is one RA on each floor who helps create a strong sense of community in the residence halls. RAs answer questions and help in the development of a floor and campus community.

Intramurals Intern

The Intramurals Intern plans, executes and manages a schedule for intramural sports and activities, providing healthy fellowship for the college community. 

Spiritual Life Interns

The Spiritual Life Interns (SPIL Chapel and SPIL Campus) work with the Coordinator of Vocation, Calling, and Community Life to develop and lead the chapel program and other spiritual growth opportunities for the college community. A few of these opportunities are the fall and winter all-campus retreats, weekly Bible studies and a winter series. 

Student Activities Intern

The Student Activities Intern (SAC) facilitates the SAC Leadership Team to oversee the planning and implementation of fun campus-wide events. The purpose of SAC events are to draw the Kuyper community together in fun and memorable ways. 

Week of Welcome Coordinators and Leaders

The Week of Welcome Coordinators play a large role in planning and facilitating incoming students' first week at Kuyper. They plan the events and work with the Week of Welcome Leaders to run the week. The Week of Welcome Leaders each facilitate a group of incoming students to get to know them, answer questions and join them in the week's fun. 

PRISM Intern

The PRISM Intern coordinates gatherings for the international students throughout the year, providing opportunities for them to experience the greater Grand Rapids area. The Intern also facilitates opportunities for the whole Kuyper community to celebrate our international students' home countries. 

Christmas Banquet Intern

The Christmas Banquet Intern works to plan and coordinate the traditional Christmas Banquet event for the Kuyper College community.