Student Organizations

The Student Development Department is committed to leadership development in the students at Kuyper. One way for this to take place is to be involved in student clubs and committees. 

Kuyper is distinct in the fact that we encourage students to start their own clubs and committees. We want you to participate in something you are passionate about. If a club or committee doesn’t exist in the area that you are interested in, we help you get one started. 

So whether you want to create a club, or you want to join an already-existing committee, we hope you get involved.

Check out our list of current clubs and committees: 

SAC (Student Activities Leadership Team)

Student Activities Leadership Team plans and develops events and activities that help students have fun and build community.  The team plans events like Fall Fest, Super Bowl Party, Roller Skating, Bowling, etc. 


The Intramural Leadership Team plans and coordinates events to promote an active lifestyle and healthy sportsmanship. They plan various tournaments, activities and events for the college community. 

SpiL (Spiritual Life Leadership Team)

Focusing on chapel and Campus Ministries, the Spiritual Life Leadership Teams provide spiritual growth opportunities for the campus community. SpiL Chapel provides direction and supervision to the chapel services of the college. SpiL Campus plans retreats and organizes Bible studies and prayer groups.

Student Government

Student Government is made up of representatives from each class. On behalf of the student body, they communicate positively with the administration, support student initiatives and community improvements.

HANDS (Helping and Nurturing During Service)

With a focus on serving our community and seeking Social Justice—HANDS seeks to encourage the Kuyper community to serve and become more aware of the world around us.

Youth Ministry Club

Wondering what is going on in youth ministry around West Michigan? Each month, we gather together to encourage each other and learn about youth ministry in West Michigan. Open to all youth ministry majors, minors and volunteers. 


PRISM is a group for International and global students. It is a place where these students can adjust to cultural differences, celebrate diversity and explore the greater Grand Rapids area through service opportunities and fun.