Student Development

We're all hungry for a community! A place where we are supported, encouraged and challenged to become who God created us to be. This is the type of community we have at Kuyper College. Our community is marked by seeking Christ together in the classroom and in the residence halls, in chapel and while studying in the library, in service to the community and to each other, and in every other inch of our lives—we care and live life together.  

We would love for you to come and be part of the thriving and welcoming Kuyper community. 

Student Development Mission Statement

Student Development, serving Christ in partnership with the Kuyper College Community to fulfill the college mission statement, acts as a catalyst for the holistic development of students.

Student Development supports and challenges students, facilitates co-curricular learning and cultivates Christian community, develops competent leaders who are kingdom minded and well prepared in their current and future endeavors.