• Julie

    Nairobi, Kenya. “Kuyper gives me the opportunity to learn more about the character of God.” 
  • Josiah

    Shepherd, MI. “I am getting a top-notch education integrated with biblical principles.” 
  • Taylor

    Montague, MI. "I love the smaller class size and personal relationships with faculty and students.” 
  • Bringing God’s Grace
    Into Today’s Culture

    At Kuyper College our students frame their future challenges through the biblical, worldview that is a basis of a Kuyper education. We equip our students with theological and biblical tools because we believe that God has called us to engage his world—no matter our chosen profession. Through the integration of biblical and theological study which unifies the elements of our rigorous academic curriculum, Kuyper provides our students the opportunity to take active roles as Christian leaders in a life of service to others.

    Kuyper College prepares students with practical skills that will enable them to think critically, communicate effectively, and provide leadership as they meet the challenges of their professional lives whatever it may be.

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