Tuition and Housing

Exceptional Value

Make a wise investment in your education at Kuyper College. Here, we believe that a high-quality Christian college education should also be affordable. A college degree will cost significantly less at Kuyper than at other comparable Christian colleges. But it’s about more than just financial affordability. The truly exceptional value of a Kuyper College education is that it will prepare you to make a difference as a Christian leader in today’s world.


Of students at Kuyper receive financial aid


Lowest debt at graduation among Michigan colleges


Million dollars awarded annually in institutional aid


Kuyper’s tuition is $4,000 less than comparable Christian colleges

Cost Breakdown

Kuyper’s cost breakdown for academic year 2024-2025 is easy to understand. It is composed of just two items—tuition and housing, which includes food.


Kuyper’s tuition is for 12-17 credit hours per semester. Tuition costs are frozen for up to four years for incoming fall 23 full-time students.



Kuyper’s housing and food charges include an unlimited meal plan.


Total Cost Before Financial Aid


2023-2024 Undergraduate Cost of Attendance Based on Full-Time Enrollment

Dependent/Independent Students Dependent Off Campus Independant Off Campus
Tuition and Fees 27,660 27,660 27,660
Food and Housing* 11,470 4,938 7,254
Books, course materials, supplies and equipment 800 800 800
Transportation 1,110 1,985 1,985
Personal 1,240 1,240 1,240
Total Budget 42,280 36,623 38,939

  • Continuing student tuition will be based on the tuition freeze year that they qualify for

The total budget includes the components that are included in all student budgets. Additional components may be unique to a particular student program or enrollment.

* Housing and meals value in this table includes estimated costs of meals not provided by the school if 21 meals are not provided weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Kuyper’s tuition & housing

What is my actual cost to attend Kuyper?

Tuition +  housing minus scholarships, grants, and loans. There may be some costs associated with non-degree optional events such as Israel and national parks travel.

When are the payment dates?

While your financial aid is packaged for the year, it is divided by semesters. You will be billed accordingly as detailed in the cost breakdown. Your balance is due in full for the semester by the first day of classes. Also, see information on payment plans.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Kuyper offers three- and four-installment payment plans per semester. After applying, and if approved, all payments are in equal installments and are due the first business day of the month. The due dates are as follows:

Three-Installment Payment Plan:

  • Fall Term—September, October, November
  • Winter Term—January, February, March

Four-Installment Payment Plan:

  • Fall Term—September, October, November, December
  • Winter Term—January, February, March, April

How do I apply for a payment plan?

The deferred payment plans are available to students who are in good standing and desire to pay their fees in either three or four installments. In order to request the deferred payment option, please complete the form available on your Populi dashboard. A $35.00 deferred plan set-up fee will be assessed if approved, and it will be added to your first payment. This form must be completed prior to the start of classes each term in order to be considered.

Can I make electronic payments?

Yes. Click on the pay now link on your Populi dashboard.

Will my financial and other information, such as grades, be kept confidential?

Yes, your student information is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  You must sign a release for the College to share information.

Majors & Programs

You will graduate with professional and biblical skills to think critically, communicate effectively as a Christ-centered leader.


You will graduate with both an academic and a work transcript detailing your work experience for future employers.


We invite you to explore Kuyper College to see if it could be where God wants to mold and shape you.

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Our students, faculty, and staff are eager to meet you and help you discover how our community might also become yours.

Financial Aid

Tuition for first-year students will remain the same for four years and transfer students up to four years.


Kuyper College, community foundations, Federal and State Programs award thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants.

Residence Life

You will find comfortable and spacious suites at Schaal and Timmer Halls and Holts Apartments.

Spiritual Development

The Kuyper community will help you grow spiritually as you seek God’s direction for your life.