• Registrar 

    Always striving for excellence in our academic programming, the Academic Office and Registrar plans and manages the academic vision of the College. This office develops and regulates academic policies, determines transfer equivalencies, ensures curriculum integrity, and provides opportunities for faculty to develop their teaching skills. 

    The Academic Office is also the liaison for all collaborative programs. For students interested in a collaborative major, information about the application process, programs and requirements are available. The ADR also serves as academic
    advisors for all collaborative students.

    To Transfer Courses
    Request a transcript from the college at which the courses were completed. Kuyper College transfers classes that are similar in content to classes in the college’s curriculum that received a grade of C or higher. Sixty-five credits may be transferred from a community college, and 75 from a four-year institution. Current Kuyper students should seek the input of the Registrar prior to taking classes at another college to be transferred toward their degrees.
    To Drop or Add a Class
    See your Academic Advisor for approval before dropping or adding classes. During the first week of classes, students may drop or add classes without penalty once a Change of Class form is returned to the Academic Office. After the first week, students may drop or add classes once approval is granted and a drop/add form is submitted.
    To Apply to Graduate
    Graduation applications may be retrieved from the Academic Office. Students should submit an application to graduate during the fall or winter semesters; graduation ceremonies take place in April of each year.

    To have your transcript evaluated for graduation: Once a graduation application is submitted, the registrar will review your degree audit and transcript. If all requirements are met, the audit will be certified for graduation, clearing the student to walk in the graduation ceremonies
    To Request a Transcript

    To request a transcript, download and fill out the form below. There is a $15 charge per transcript. Forms can be faxed to (616) 988-3608 for a credit card payment, or mailed to the Registrar’s Office at Kuyper College, 3333 East Beltline Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49525.

    Transcript Request Form 

    Meet the Staff

    Kyle WigboldyKyle Wigboldy, Registrar
    Serves as the college statistician, supervises counseling services and academic support services, evaluates transfer credits, consults with students regarding registration, acts as campus administrator of CAMS Enterprise, and works with the collaborative programs.
    E-mail: Kwigboldy@kuyper.edu
    Phone: (616) 988-3661



     Donna VanderKoddeDonna VanderKodde, Assistant to the Registrar
    Assists the Registrar, greets and helps students and faculty visiting the Academic Office, maintains all Academic records, responds to mail, transcript requests, transfer evaluations, and supervises student workers.
    E-mail: DVanderKodde@kuyper.edu
    Phone: (616) 988-3639

    Mary VanderMeerMary VanderMeer, International Student Services Coordinator and Assistant to the Provost
    Serves as the international student services coordinator, coordinates the production of the College Catalog and other academic publications and website content, and provides assistance to the Provost.
    E-mail: MVanderMeer@kuyper.edu
    Phone: (616) 988-3678  


    Debbie HendricksDebbie Hendricks
    , Faculty Associate in Assessment 
    Assists the Provost with projects and meetings, works with the Director of Assessment in administrating the college's assessment plan for student learning, and oversees the college drama production. Teaches Intro to Drama.
    E-mail: DHendricks@kuyper.edu
    Phone: (616) 988-3628

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